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My name is Caliburn and I'll be your friendly neighborhood Wartune Community Manager. Please kick back your shoes, relax, and enjoy our humble abode.

Here's a quick tour of our Forums:

  • If you're looking for the latest update news or event details, the News and Events Forum will be your destination.
  • If you need some help getting started or feel a little lost in-game, head to our Getting Started Forums!
  • Are you a Chatty Cathy? So are we! We love talking about Wartune! Visit us in General Discussion for anything and everything Wartune-related!
  • Uh-oh. If you ran into a bug, please let us know! We want to get that bug squashed ASAP! Report any bugs or glitches to us in our Support Forum. Suggestions on how we can improve Wartune or our Forums can also go here.
  • Do you need specific help related to your account? We got you covered. Simply fill out a ticket here and one of our GameFuse Support Specialists will contact you shortly.

Well, there's the grand tour! Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to add me as a friend in Wartune! My in-game name is CMCaliburn.


P.S. Energize my tree and I'll energize yours!