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    Multi-Wartune windows and scrolling bar

    Hello, Wartune

    I wrote here because of Game Bug,

    Bug Description :
    When I log Wartune at Miniclip, my browser activate log in window but after a few time, some scrolling bar appared at right-up side of my window game and activated others game windows.
    I use Google Chrome and tried it to Firefox but it loads 3-4 windows with the same things (loging windows or the windows where we select server), and that make hugh lag and crash to my browser.
    Impossible to load the game and when I try to go at the bottom of the page, that scrooll the others windows where selection serv' windows and create others windows, etc...

    Step to reproduce :
    The first time it do this, i was reloading my browser before World Boss, to refresh and reduce lags.
    After reload, that make 4 scrolling bars to my windows, stop loading and load the same web page many times.

    Windows 7
    Google Chrome Version 29.0.1547.62 m
    Account create approximately since 1 year.

    I was at Altar of Englobement when it do this for the first time, but it continue to do this when I reload from City Page.

    Location : France
    Ping : 45 ms
    Download speed : 16.27 Mbps
    Upload Speed : 0.74 Mbps

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Multi-Wartune windows and scrolling bar

    I got kinda the same problem... But i'm in canada..
    I don't understand as still the page isn't really loading or just taking around 30-40 minutes to bring me to the game with also an black screen all i can see is on the right top corner ''daily event and others things that's are normaly there..'' the rest is black.
    I also see the 4 scroll bar on right top of the screen!

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    Re: Multi-Wartune windows and scrolling bar

    If you are having difficulty connecting to your game, please clear your internet cache and cookies then refresh your browser either by closing and restarting it or hard refreshing it with cntrl + f5.

    A good way to check if you have cleared your cache is to use google chrome and log in as incognito. To do this, use cntrl + shift +n in google chrome. Then try and login using your normal method. If you are able to login using this method, this means your cache was not fully cleared on your browser.

    If you continue to have problems, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team for further assistance. Make sure to include the game you play, the server, whether you play on gamefuse, facebook, kongregate or yahoo servers as well as your in-game character name.

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