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    GUIDE-Guilds (By Cyrx.)

    Cyrx (Seekers) Guide.
    Welcome everyone to my new Guide.
    I will tell you all my experience about Guilds!

    I divided it in 3 parts:

    1 Guild Basics.

    Some basic things each Guild leader, or member of a guild should know:

    To open the Guild Interface, click the icon, down your Screen (Mostly don't know it) or Press INGAME(INGAME) "G".

    Wealth and Contribution:
    Each time you contribute, you gain &Contribution and &Wealth (1.000Gold=1C and 1W=5Balens).
    The Wealth is auto summed to your Guilds total Wealth, which you can't use, only the Guild Master can (Or Assistants for skills). The Total Guild Wealth avaible, is displayed at the Top of Guild Panel.
    Contribution, is a type of gold, you got from contribution, each time you contribute you get it. This Contribution It’s yours, so only you can use it. It can be used to Buy items in Guild Shop, Spin the Wheel in Altar, or learn Skills. Each time you use it, you lose it, as Gold.

    Guild Level:
    The Guild level represents the max lvl your buildings can be upgraded and the total amounts of players you can have, also affects the weekly member Fee.

    Member Fee:
    This is an amount of wealth is taken auto, each week. It takes Wealth, not Contribution, so it takes from Guilds Wealth, you don’t have to pay the member fee, it’s taken auto from the Guild.
    If the Guild don’t have the Wealth necessary for 1 week, the next week you will have to pay x2 of that Fee, if you don’t pay it, the Guild will be disbanded.(Maybe you have other Week after this ones, not sure). Each lvl of your Guild, increase the Fee in 500.(lvl 5-2k, lvl 8-4k...)

    Upgrade CD:
    It’s the time your Guild still has to wait until a new building can be upgraded. The cooldawn can be taken by any member, using Balens.

    Members Role:
    Asst. Guild Master has the next Permissions:
    Learn Skills.
    Recruit Members.
    Kick Members.
    Change Announcement.
    Research Skills(Unlock next lvl of skills)

    Guild Officer has the next Permissions:
    Learn Skills.
    Recruit Members.
    Kick Members.

    Members, have the next Permissions:
    Learn Skills.

    THE RED BUTTON "Contribution":
    All members has to use this button to can contribute (40% Asked me , at least one time)

    Guild Territory:
    Here you can access to all guilds buildings.

    Divine altar:
    It’s a special event which takes you 50.000 Wealth or 200.000 Wealth to unlock it, Only Guild Leader can unlock it.
    You can unlock it one time per day.
    Each time you unlock it YOU MUST PAY.

    Guild Skills Button:
    Here members can LEARN the skills.
    (Guild leader has to go to skill tower, Guild Territory, to unlock them)

    Guild Battle Button:
    Members can use this way to join the Guild Battle, 20:00, the days of war. Or right click on the tops screen Button.
    Also here Guild Leader and his Participating assits, can select the members to participate during a battle, also can kick them, when they want, even during battle.
    Also during the battle all can see if there is a member who didn't joined the battle.

    Guild Chamber:
    Used to access to a special location where is done the daily event, Tree Summon, here you can access at any time. No limit of Players.

    Guild Events Button:
    Here all members can see last Guilds activity, like the new members accepted, or the last buildings upgraded, members kicked...
    NOTE: Members who LEAVE guild, are not displayed.

    Guild Levy:
    Here the members with privileges can see others players applications to join the Guild. They can accept or reject them. Also you can invite players from here, only by their name.

    Guild Master Channel (Only for Guild Leader):
    Has 6 Options:
    Upgrade Guild, here you can upgrade buildings lvl.
    Transfer Ownership, used to give to other member your role as Guild leader, after you give him, you are a normal member.
    Change Guild name (changes the guilds name, needs Balens)
    Guild Mail: Sends a Mail to all Guild members at same time, need Balens for that.
    Recruit Link: Is a special link Guild leader can send 5 times each day, in world chat, so member can click on that link, to send a application to join your Guild.
    Unlock the altar: Other method to unlock the altar, no sense for me cuz you already have the icon near Guild Territory.


    Guild Leave button: This button, lets you leave the guild! (60% asks where it is)

    Join other Guild:
    You can leave your Guild, but you will get a penalty of 24h, and can't join other Guild until that. (Can use 395 Balens to get out the cool dawn.)Until the penalty time you lose your Guild skills, but will get them back after you join other Guild.(If your next Guild has lower max lvl skills, then you will get your earlier Guild Skills when your new Guild has that lvl.)
    Also leaving a guild makes you loss all your contribution, so use it before you leave.
    You can ask your any member with privileges (officer+) to kick you, if you are kicked you can join instantly other Guild, no penalty.

    2 Guild Buildings.

    Right now the Guild has 5 Buildings:

    Lvl 3 Guild is needed to build it.
    The vault is a very useful Building. Each lvl of this building gives you 5 more slots. The price to upgrade it is the lowest (of all other buildings), making this building very cheap and useful for all new Guilds as advanced ones.
    There are 2 Vault Types:
    Guild Safe: This one lets each member to store their items, as an inventory. This vault is personal so no one can see your items, or steal them. It's a second inventory.
    Guild Chest: There will appear, each Friday at 21:00, 10 Guild chests, which only the Guild leader can use them. These Guild Chests are special chests you get as reward for winning all Guild battles. The leader can distribute them to the members he want.

    Personal Recommendations:The low price to build it and the big use it has, makes the vault a very important building, I recommend to upgrade it to lvl 5 and to stop there, until you think it's necessary again. (Lvl 6 takes 64h and 5.4k Wealth, so better to up when all buildings are already high lvl.)

    Lvl 1 Guild is needed to build it.
    The Shop is the basic Building of each Guild. The shop is the most used of all buildings here all players usually buy Lucky Stones, and Pots. Also at highest lvl Shop (8+) you can buy Legendary Stones, very useful for all members.
    Each lvl of Shop opens new avaible items to purchase.
    Shops items for sale(C means contribution needed to buy it):

    Shop lvl 1:
    -Lvl 1 Lucky Stones. (2)
    -Minor Hp Pack. (5C)
    -LVL1 Intelligence Potion (3C)
    -LVL1 Power Potion (3C)

    Shop lvl 2:
    -Lvl 2 Lucky Stones. (3)
    -LVL2 Intelligence Potion (5C)
    -LVL2 Power Potion (5C)

    Shop lvl 3:
    -Lvl 3 Lucky Stones.(5C)
    -Moderate HP Pack (45C)
    -LVL3 Intelligence Potion (10C)
    -LVL3 Power Potion (10C)

    Shop lvl 4:
    -Lvl 4 Lucky Stones. (10C)
    -LVL4 Intelligence Potion (50C)
    -LVL4 Power Potion (50C)

    Shop lvl 5:
    -Lvl 5 Lucky Stones. (20C)
    -LVL5 Intelligence Potion (100C)
    -LVL5 Power Potion (100C)

    Shop lvl 6:
    -Lvl 6 Lucky Stones. (40C)

    Shop lvl 7:
    -Lvl 7 Lucky Stones. (80C)

    Shop lvl 8:
    -Lvl 40 Legendary Stones. (100C)
    -Lvl 8 Lucky Stone. (150C)

    Shop lvl 9:
    -Lvl 50 Legendary Stones. (No Info.)
    -Lvl 9 Lucky Stone. (No Info.)

    Shop lvl 10:
    -Lvl 60 Legendary Stones. (No Info.)
    -Hurricane Mount Pieces. (No Info.)
    -¿?(No info.)

    Personal Recommendation: Shop is very useful for the lucky Stones, anyway upping to bigger lvl for bigger lvl stones doesn’t have to much sense, cuz you only don’t lose the gold for Synthesis and also can win some extra gold. Lvl 3 Shop is very useful for the pots lvl 3, even players lvl 60 use them thx to their cost.
    If your guild has lots of members and you want to make them stronger, also you receive a lot daily contribution, you could try to up to lvl 8, and 9 if there are lots of high lvl members.

    Lvl 2 Guild is needed to build it.
    The altar is a very used building. This building lets you roll your luck. All depends of your luck; you can get very nice rewards, or the worst ones. Each day you have a limited tries to spin the wheel, to get the rewards. These attempts depends of your Altar lvl, each lvl gives you 3 attempts. When you spin once, it uses 20 of your contribution.

    There are 10 sections of possible rewards, these are some of these rewards:
    Socketing Rod.
    Mount Training Whip.
    City Protection.
    Skeleton Key.
    Crypt Key.
    Shadow Crystals (x5...x¿?)
    Soul Crystals (x5...x¿?)
    Vouchers(x20, x40, x200, x400...x¿?)
    Lucky Stones (lvl 9, 8 ,7...)
    Gems (Lvl 1,2,3...4¿?)
    All type Potions (lvl 1,2,3,4,5)
    All type Scrolls (lvl 1)
    All type of Runes (lvl 1,2,3,4,5 x5)

    Gold Coins (5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k....¿?)
    Duru (2k, 5k, 10k, 20k....¿?)
    XP Books (1k, 2k, 5k -xp...¿?)

    And much more...

    (Personal Reference not sure if you can get bigger lvl or amounts of an item.)

    Personal Recommendation: The altar is very useful but it takes each day lot of your own contribution, so i recommend the leader to lvl up it, depending his daily guild contribution. Lvl 5 is a good point to stop it.(Lvl 6 takes 21.6k wealth and 64h).

    -Skill Tower:
    Lvl 4 Guild is needed to build it.
    The skill tower is a building where Guild leader or his assistants can unlock the new avaible skills. After a skill is unlocked all members can use their own Contribution points to learn that skill. A player can learn all skills, at bigger lvl each.
    There are right now 6 Skills, all passive:

    Power Boosts: Each lvl gives you 40 Points on Power (40 points gives you 160Pattack and 40Pdef.)
    Defense Boosts: Each lvl gives you 40 Points on Defense (40 points gives you 160Pdef and 160Mdef.)
    Intellect Boosts: Each lvl gives you 40 Points on Intelligence (40 points gives you 160Mattack and 40Mdef.)
    Endurance Boosts: Each lvl gives you 40 Points on Endurance (40 points gives you 20*40=800HP.)
    Charisma Boosts: Each lvl gives you 20 Points on Charisma (40 points gives you 20 Troops Count.)
    Gold Boosts: Increase the gold your city produce in total. Each lvl gives you 1% more.

    All skills (no Gold) needs an amount of your own contribution to learn them (same contribution to unlock them):
    (Not Sure ):

    Personal Recommendation: Learning the skills is a very useful way to increase your BR, I recommend to get lvl 2 of ALL skills, (For mages even get Power, and for Archers Int). After that, lvl 3 Endurance and Defense. Power or int depending your class. The next lvls try to get them after you get all your astrals lvl 4-5.
    Learning Skills ups your BR, and also makes the Guild to earn lots of Contribution.

    -Divine altar (As it is an event will explain in the next part.)

    3 Guild Events.
    These are the events you can do, by joining or creating a Guild:

    Tree Summon:
    This is a very important event if you wish you up fast lvl, and maybe get some free Guild Contribution.
    This event can be done daily one time. No requirements to do it.
    In what consists?
    The event consists in that the
    Guild leader can summon a magical tree in the middle of Guild chamber.
    This tree will be for 15min. In that time, each 15 secs you will get some xp, depending of your lvl and your ToA Lvl, Tree lvl.
    Also each 3min, moreless appear some mysterious plants which can be picked and get free contribution, you can get 1, 5 or 10 Contribution.

    Important details:
    Each member can boost his xp gained, by spending 200 contributions. Each time you boost you will get 20% more xp gained. The max times you can boost is 5, getting a 100% more xp for 1.000.000Gold.

    Each member can energize the tree once, the more members energize it you will get more xp.
    01-29 You get 100% xp. (Normal)
    30-39 You get 150% xp!
    40-49 You get 170% xp!
    50-59 You get 190% xp!
    60-69 You get 210% xp!

    That amount without any additional boost.
    So if 60 people come and you use 100% boost you can get 310% more xp.

    How much xp I get?

    The total xp you get has a formula:
    If xp=xp you get each time.

    Xp*60=Total xp you will receive.

    Anyway as people usually can come after the tree is summoned and increase the boost you can get even more.

    Personal Recommendation: The tree is a very important method to gain fast xp. At lvl 40-50 you can get 1m xp in 15min, or even more. I recommend Guild Leaders to summon it daily, at a time when more members are online, usually after or before wb. Also to do it after or before each G battle cuz there is when more people are online.

    Divine altar:

    The divine altar is avery expensive event, but in what exactly it consists?
    The divine altar is a daily event that can be done at any hour, as Tree Summon, but you need to spend 50.000 or 200.000 Wealth to unlock it. Only Guild leader can unlock it. After he "summon" it, and complete you can't do it again that day, also the next day you have to pay again to get it, so 50k or 200k Wealth will be taken each time you "summon" it.


    After the Guild leader unlock it, a message will appear for all online members to join the Divine Altar. You have 1min to join before it starts.
    Also the max time the altar can be is for 20min. After that it will finish, but normally new Guilds, will lose before 5th wave.

    In what consists?

    The divine altar consists in the typical "Tower defend game". There is 2 patches from where monster appear.
    Monsters will appear at the end of the "road" in the east and west side. After they appear they will slowly move north until they reach your altar. If a monster reaches your altar, it will lose hp, (Your altar has 100 Initial hp). Each different monster "hit” more your altar, depending the monsters lvl.

    After the monsters appear, obviously, you have to kill all them before they reach your altar. There are about 60-80 monster per lvl. When you kill all monsters, it will immediately start the next wave of monsters.
    Each wave is stronger; each monster will have more hp, attack and defense.
    As they are harder, you will kill them slower and low lvl players will even die.
    Also, each wave of monsters will appear with a boss. Which are very strong, waves 1-2 can do it all members but from wave 3, should take care of him lvl 50+.
    Also Guild leader can use wealth to caste 2 spells:
    Recover 20 hp for the altar, for 20k Wealth.
    Frenzy enemies for 2min so they don't move, for 20k Wealth


    Each time you kill a monster you get an item, xp, and Divine Altar points.
    The item you receive can be:
    Lucky stones
    Shadow Crystals
    Xp Books, normal rewards.

    The points are a method to see who killed more monsters, the top 10 will receive additional rewards.
    Top 10 will receive 3k Kyanite and 3 Shadow Crystals.
    The top 3 earn bonus rewards.

    Strategy to do it!:

    Divine Altar is a very hard event, there appears lots of monsters on each wave so to can do more waves is needed 50+ players, very good to do it before a Guild Battle.
    Each wave requires a min lvl to can be done before monsters reach the altar.
    Wave 1, with 30 players lvl 35 should be enough.
    Wave 2, with 30 players lvl 40 should be enough.
    Wave 3-4, with 30 players lvl 45 should be enough.
    Wave 5, with 30 players lvl 50 should be enough.

    To can do it, players don’t have to just stay at the end, where monsters spawn, they should be across all the road, also there should be the same amount in both sides, and if any side needs help they should say in G chat.
    Also staying at enemies spawn is very bad, cuz after they appear, people can’t attack them after some secs until they move so better to wait some distance so all can attack them.
    Guild Quarry (Still not avaible)

    Guild Battles:(Soon)

    Did I miss something? Want more info about something about the Guilds? Comment what you want to know and I will update the thread and will answer you!

    "All Copyrights Reserved"
    By Cyrx.
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    Re: GUIDE-Guilds (By Cyrx.)

    Wonderful guide! I am going to sticky this!

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    Re: GUIDE-Guilds (By Cyrx.)

    Just Updated, added the Guild events, tree summon, and Divine altar.
    Dunno if i shall put the Guild Battles as there are also lots of guides about that...

    Also if any of you want any guide about anything else just comment here, will do it as soon as i can

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    Re: GUIDE-Guilds (By Cyrx.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrx_Seekers View Post
    Just Updated, added the Guild events, tree summon, and Divine altar.
    Dunno if i shall put the Guild Battles as there are also lots of guides about that...

    Also if any of you want any guide about anything else just comment here, will do it as soon as i can

    Great guide, best I have found anywhere on this topic so a big thank you for that!

    One thing that would help me, and probably others, if you or anyone else has it is a list of costs and cool down times for each or the territory upgrades - It would help plan upgrade order on a guilds income ...

    For example I'm trying to plan out upgrades at the moment and am thinking of taking Skill Tower 10 next and then using the long CD time to build wealth to then be able to plough through the shop upgrades reasonably rapidly as the CD's appear to be shorter (unfortunately I don't know if this will work well on my guild's income because I have just inherited GM and only done one upgrade so far so have not been able to collect the figures for times and costs going up through earlier upgrades to build a picture of how cost and CD scales with level for each territory.)

    Any help would be appreciated

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